Analysis Rules

Preparation requirements for common analyzes

Common laboratory tests that require prior preparation are:

Urine examination

Stop taking any antibiotics for at least 48 hours, then clean your reproductive organs with soap and water only, and do not use any antiseptics. The first sample of urine in the morning is best to perform the test, remove the first millimeters and then collect the average amount of urine in a sterile tube.

Test blood glucose two hours after eating a meal

For example, set the time for the morning. For example, remove the first urine sample, then start each sample in a clean tube. After 24 hours, at 8:00 on the second day, add the last sample to the tube. Be sure to put the tube in the fridge.

Semen analysis

It is recommended to abstain from sexual intercourse or to occur for a period of not less than 3 days and not more than 7 days in a row so as not to be affected by the quantity. It is also preferable to give the sample in the laboratory with attention to placing the first points of semen, If the sample is brought from the house, it should not exceed 20 minutes at a temperature of 20-37 m Avoid using soap, detergents, creams and lubricants to help collect samples.

Requirements of non-common medical analysis

Client will be informed of the requirements of the analysis before the process of sampling to prepare for it and the client to check the accuracy in the implementation of these requirements to ensure that the provision of service properly.